St Mary's Catholic Primary is a 'Good' school... Pupils' progress and achievement are now good... Standards in English and mathematics at the end of Year 6 are above average... Good provision in EYFS mean children settle quickly and make good progress...97% attendance....

About Us


Developing successful learners, inspired  by the image of Christ

and the teaching of the Catholic church,

this is our mission.

Welcome to St Mary's Catholic primary school and thank you  for taking the time to visit our website.

Our school is based securely on the teaching of Jesus Christ. As a Catholic school this means that we put Christ at the centre of everything we do by integrating Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church into every aspect  of learning, teaching and the totality of school life.  In our school then, your child’s journey through school will also be a journey of faith.

St Mary's provides a warm and welcoming setting in which the whole community thrives. There is a clear understanding of the need to guide the children so that they are not only equipped with learning and skills for responsible citizenship but also that their spiritual, cultural and personal understanding is nurtured within the Catholic faith to form their values, motivation and aspirations.

A Brief History

The school was founded by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus in 1876. A double storey block was added in 1930, the Nursery Unit in 1975 which unfortunately burnt down in 2012. In 1987 the school was given over to the Archdiocese of Birmingham by the Sisters and in 1990 the new School Hall, Infant and administrative area was built.

Our School's Aims

With integrity ….. we form the roots from which grow our values, motivation and aspirations.

With respect ….. we equip children and families with learning and the ability to fulfil their unique human potential

With pride ….. we celebrate diversity, by fostering strong links within our faith filled community.


May God be with you.