St Mary's Catholic Primary is a 'Good' school... Pupils' progress and achievement are now good... Standards in English and mathematics at the end of Year 6 are above average... Good provision in EYFS mean children settle quickly and make good progress...97% attendance....

Big & Little Stars

Book Trust top 100 books for 0 - 5 year olds

Half Term Overview

 Our EYFS unit is made up of our pre-school children and Reception, most of the time they work as an integrated unit, but sometimes the two age groups have bespoke lessons with an EYFS teacher or an experienced HLTA.



The children designed and made amazing outfits. They thoroughly enjoyed showing off their designs to the school and their parents.


The children have been busy measuring everything in and around school.



Garden Centre

We visited Southam Garden Centre. Mrs Healey showed us the plants they were

growing. We saw the seeds, bulbs and plants for sale.



We planted sunflower seeds and watered them every day. Then we watched the plants grow

bigger and bigger.When we came back to school, after the summer holidays,

we were amazed to see enormous sunflowers in our garden.


Big Stars and Little Stars baking Peanut bread, a recipe from Africa.





 Big Stars and Little Stars had an exciting time pond dipping

and searching for minibeasts at Brandon Marsh.